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How to Cook

I felt that I couldn't cook to save my life until very recently. You see, my mother never taught me how to cook, and my father didn't either. In my family, neither of my parents were very dedicated chefs. Don't get me wrong, they each had a few things that they could do well. Unfortunately, they each also have a lot of things that they couldn't do all that well. My dad knew how to cook pork and my mom knew how to cook beef -- it was that kind of situation. Together, they were almost like one good cook -- almost. Still, they should have showed me something. I wouldn't have spent all those years eating so unhealthily if they had.


Learning to cook is actually as simple as trying out a few recipes. It might be true that there are some people out there who can never learn how to paint, how to write neatly, how to play music, or a variety of other skills. Still, everyone can learn how to cook, at least at a basic level. It is true that there will never be a world where everyone is an amazing chef, but I think that everyone can learn how to prepare a few simple but delicious foods.





If you want to know how to cook, I highly recommend buying The Joy of Cooking and a smaller recipe book. The Joy of Cooking will tell you everything about how to make food. It has thousands upon thousands of recipes, as well as basic instructions for things like how to cook rice, how to boil an egg, how to prepare fish, etc. The smaller recipe book will come in handy as well. You see, The Joy of Cooking is rather large and intimidating. A smaller recipe book, especially one chock-full of pretty pictures of the food, will help you actually get started while you are still too scared to open up that Joy of Cooking.


If you are still not motivated to learn about how to cook, think about what it can do for your social life. Once you learn a few good cooking recipes, you can have your friends over to eat a delicious meal. You can impress members of the opposite sex, eat delicious food for fairly cheap, and lose weight and stay healthy by eating out less frequently. Not knowing how to cook is like not knowing how to tie your shoes -- it is something that is kind of embarrassing once you pass a certain age.


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