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Charcoal Water Filters

There are many things that we can do for ourselves to insure that we live long and healthy lives. We can eat balanced healthy meals, exercise and make sure that we get the right amount of rest. We can work to keep our minds occupied and play to keep our spirits up. We can also develop relationships with others who understand how we feel and will be supportive to us.


One of the basic needs that every person has is to supply the body with water. Often people neglect to consider the quality of the water that they put into their system. The same people that will spend a small fortune on bottled drinking water do not give a second thought to the quality of the water that they are cooking with and drinking in their coffee and tea. We found that our well water had a funny smell and off taste. We have a great deal of iron in our water and also live in an area that has high concentration of nitrates. We purchased charcoal water filters for the water that we drink and use in cooking. The charcoal water filters can be used in a pitcher where the tap water filters through the charcoal, or the charcoal water filters can be attached to the faucet so that water used for drinking and cooking can be run through the filtering system. This allows the home owner to still wash dishes in the sink without having to have all the water go through the charcoal water filters.



We were feeling better about our water until I read an article about how our skin is the largest organ that we have and that the water that we use on it can impact our health. When I stopped to think about this it did make sense that the skin does have pores and if we are using contaminated water on it on a consistent basis this will affect our health. We did find that you can get shower heads that have charcoal water filters in them. The shower heads are easy to install and they come in a variety of sprays to accommodate most peopleĆ­s preferences when showering.


I have found that my skin is less irritated since we have the charcoal water filters in the shower. Also I get better lather from the soaps and shampoos that I use, so the products last longer. I cannot believe that I never considered the quality of water I was placing on the largest organ of my body.



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