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Bowflex Exercise Equipment

Is Bowflex exercise equipment all that its cracked up to be? They run a string of commercials that seem to play non-stop on half the channels on TV, and by the way they market it, regular use of Bowflex equipment will keep you healthy and looking young forever. If you're in the market for exercise or strength training equipment, you're probably wondering what Bowflex exercise equipment is all about and if it's even half as good as it sounds on their ads.


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I'm not an exercise expert, but I am definitely a fan of keeping in shape. Many members in my family have suffered from both high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and my doctor continuously reminds me how important it is for me to get a regular and even vigorous work-out. Doctors and health professionals agree that a combination of aerobic and anaerobic (strength training) exercises works better in improving cholesterol, blood pressure, and boosting metabolism than either one by itself. Aerobic exercise is simple; put on some decent shoes, stretch for a few minutes and go for a run. But strength training is more complicated.






For a long time I relied on free weights, push-ups, and sit-ups for anaerobic exercise. I also tried working out using a gym. The problem with free weights and the equipment you find in a gym is that you can seriously hurt yourself if you're not using it right. (And working with a "spotter" is not always convenient; it's hard enough getting myself to the gym, without having to coordinate the schedule of another guy.) After a year or so of working out this way I started getting frequent neck pain and headaches, and after asking my doctor about it, determined that I'd been lifting incorrectly. The best thing about Bowflex exercise equipment in my opinion is that it offers less opportunity for you to damage yourself. You can of course get the same effect by using the services of a fitness trainer to make sure you lift right. This is what I've been doing lately.


The costs add up with a trainer and gym membership, and you don't need either with a set of Bowflex exercise equipment. So you have to weigh the pros and cons. How often do you lift weights, and how important is strength training to you? If you're spending money on a trainer and a gym, it may be worth looking into getting a set of Bowflex exercise equipment. Easy to use, low impact, and safe, you can't really go wrong with it. Also, Bowflex exercise equipment is very space-efficient compared to similar weight lifting products.


I will add that as you get more serious about your work-outs, it has been my experience and that of my buddies that the Bowflex may not have the muscle (sorry for the pun) to grow with you. There is another exercise system that I've found for advanced users that's amazing, and I will review it in a future article.


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